“Double Wall” or “Thermal Tumbler” for NESTEA


The purchasing center in charge of this project for NESTEA contacted KRISTAL 97 BRANDED GLASSWARE because they were looking for a totally innovative and differentiating glass for their client, a glass with its own personality that would meet the ideal conditions for the consumption of their beverage. After studying different options, the brand opted for the DOUBLE WALL tumbler. The main characteristic of this glass is that it is made up of two glasses: one glass on the inside and another on the outside. The inner cup is smaller and is the one that collects the product when it is poured. The outer cup is used to hold the glass which, not being in direct contact with the inner cup, allows it to be used with very cold or hot liquids. This variety of glass is made with a type of glass called borosilicate (Silicon and Boron oxides), and is more resistant than other glasses to thermal shock. The particularity for the decoration of the DOUBLE WALL glasses is that it has to be decorated with UV inks due to the air chamber that is created between the two glasses that it is made of.


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