If you are planning your campaign with promotional glassware and want to know a little more about how we work and the added services you may need, this section describes in detail how our collaboration will be from the first contact to the delivery of your finished product.

How we work?

First of all… CONTACT US!

Call us oor write an email with your request telling us what you need. The more you tell us the better. In KRISTAL 97 BRANDED GLASSWARE we consider it to be essential, in order to give you the best service, to understand the objectives of the campaign you are planning. By doing this we will be able to advise you and provide you with different solutions and alternatives. Besides, we love challenges, we will make all our knowledge and resources available to you in order to find a solution.

The best glass decoration techniques for your promotional campaign

Next, we will tell you which glass decoration techniques we use the most to decorate your glass in KRISTAL 97 BRANDED GLASSWARE.

If you are interested in becoming familiar with them, read on and you will get an idea of how far you can go with the personalization of your glass. In any case, our suggestion is that you call us, tell us your idea and we will guide you through the products and the most appropriate techniques to make your campaign take on its own personality

What is important for you to know is that we understand you and we will offer you a proposal so that your idea becomes a reality.

Every year we visit the most important national and international trade fairs in the sector in search of new products, suppliers and management tools. We are also in continuous professional development with the aim of providing solutions to any proposal you may have.

What is glass screen printing?

Screen printing on glass is a printing process that allows us to recreate your brand or design with high quality on glassware items. We start by separating the colors that make up your design into photoliths in order to obtain the best printing results. The photoliths are transferred to a screen-printing mesh (screen) that is placed in the automatic screen-printing machine, and through which we add each layer, color by color to complete the design. Once the first color is printed, we proceed with the next one, and when we finish with all the colors, the piece is placed in an industrial furnace in which a temperature curve has been previously adjusted (customized to each type of article), to achieve the vitrification of the design on the glass product.

What promotional glass decoration techniques do we perform at KRISTAL 97 BRANDED GLASSWARE?