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During our long history dedicated to the decoration of promotional glassware, ceramic cups and tableware, we have become a trusted partner for major beverage and food brands. It has required many years of effort, dedication and innovation, in which the constant has been to try to transfer our vocation of service, cooperation and contribution of solutions to each and every one of our customers.

Our company, KRISTAL 97 S.A. was founded in 1997 by Javier Navarro Troya, to offer personalization services and commercialization of glassware articles such as glasses, goblets, decanters or pitchers.

Already in the early years, we realized that the brands we dealt with, in addition to demanding the screen printing of their logos on glassware products, began to demand a single interlocutor to provide a vision and a comprehensive offer of all services related to glass and promotional ceramics. With this in mind, services such as customized packaging, design, handling, logistics and distribution, have been incorporated into what we offer. This has led to building a company capable of advising, directing and articulating projects adapted to the new needs of customers.

In 2005, Francisco de Borja Navarro joined the team to implement and modernize the processes and protocols of operation, with the aim of increasing its potential by expanding its market internationally.

During the following years, the company continued its logical growth process by making new incorporations to strengthen the purchasing area and logistic supervision, until completing its current departmental structure.

In 2020, with the generational handover completed and the new structure consolidated, we undertook the updating of our name and our image, opting for a design more in line with the changes in the company and in the sector, with the aim of definitively orienting ourselves towards the international market.

Today, as KRISTAL 97 BRANDED GLASSWARE, our intention is to continue growing, and we are aware that this will only be possible if we remain close to our customers. If we listen and understand their needs and that they will not be satisfied by a catalog alone, and if we persist in our vocation of collaboration by offering customized solutions that allow them to differentiate themselves from their competitors in their future campaigns to be developed.


At KRISTAL 97 BRANDED GLASSWARE we dedicate a great part of our efforts to comply with all recommendations in order to minimize our environmental impact during the production processes. In addition, we are convinced that through collaboration we can maintain, and if possible, improve our professional activity and our social responsibility to our environment.

SEDEX member, for the improvement of our industry

KRISTAL 97 BRANDED GLASSWARE is a member of  Sedex,

one of the world’s largest collaborative platforms where buyers, suppliers and auditors can store and share information and produce reports quickly and efficiently. The platform is used by more than 40,000 members in over 150 countries and enables companies to manage their performance in the areas of labor rights, health and safety, environmental responsibility and business ethics.

Sedex is not a regulatory body, it does not endorse or certify our policies and standards. Instead, Sedex membership denotes KRISTAL 97 BRANDED GLASSWARE’s clear commitment to managing and improving supply chain standards.

Visit our selection of ecological glasses, for a more circular economy

Glass is a highly sustainable material, as it can be processed and reprocessed without losing properties, using little energy and few resources. In addition, its durability makes it a material with an almost infinite useful life.

In KRISTAL 97 BRANDED GLASSWARE, we have opted for a selection of ECOLOGICAL GLASSES made from 100% recycled glass.

Collaboration with Menudos Corazones, a foundation that helps children with heart problems.

Every day 10 babies are born in Spain with congenital heart disease. From their Support Centers and hospitals,  The Menudos Corazones Foundation works to improve the lives of children, young people with heart problems and the lives of their families as well. Our team at KRISTAL 97 BRANDED GLASSWARE encourages you to learn more about  congenital heart disease and the immense effort that this foundation has been contributing.

KRISTAL 97 BRANDED GLASSWARE is a Bronze collaborating company of Menudos Corazones.

EcoVadis Silver Medal 2021

KRISTAL 97 BRANDED GLASSWARE has been awarded the Silver Medal of EcoVadis 2021, an award that measures corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability.

We channel our Corporate Social Responsibility actions taking into account the impacts of the environment, labor practices and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchases.

We do our best to reduce our ecological footprint and improve sustainability every year.