Kristal 97 – From Comprehensive Glass Services to Branded Glassware


A new brand for a new era.

Kristal 97 presents its new corporate image at a time when differentiation in the market is key. The Spanish company specialized since its foundation in the decoration of glassware has been focused on promotional glassware and ceramic tableware. We have since evolved towards the provision of comprehensive services in the glass industry and, today, we are able to advise, manage and articulate projects tailored to the new needs of customers.

From “Comprehensive Glass Services” to “Branded Glassware” there is a very meticulous journey. According to Borja Navarro, CEO of the company, they want to “show who we are, in the simplest and most direct way possible, multiplying the possibilities of impact on our potential customer, gaining visibility and possibilities of interaction with each of them”. “Analyzing our customers”, continues Navarro, “we realize that they prioritize three things: one, product quality and innovation; two, the quality of the complete service (execution and reaction times, fluid contact, standardization of processes, customization of packaging, etc.); and three; the total alignment of the quality of our products and services in total alignment in corporate social responsibility“.

At the same time, the new image responds to the need to project the value of difference also at the international level, hence the change of the main slogan.

A communication project tailored to the needs of the “new” company

New logo

Kristal 97 changes its logo to make it simpler and more direct, using legible typographies, playing with shades of blue that recompose a modern and consistent corporate image, and contemplating the use of the anagram K97 when recommended.

The slogan “Branded Glassware” culminates the transformation, giving the logo international weight and its own personality with a globally recognizable Anglo-Saxon term that captures all the semantics of the activity in just two words all the while being directed towards the customer.

A revamped website

The new image has been applied to the new website, which is equipped with new functionalities.  It is perfectly adapted for navigation on mobile devices, it offers a new look that is perfectly synchronized with the logo and brand values. There is also new content: a description of services and the value provided by each of them and a browsable product catalog as an example of production power.

And much more to come…

This is just the beginning of Kristal 97’s new journey. Soon, much more to come…


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